UshieJoe: Popular Stand and Other Poems (Uyo: Scholars Press, 1992)

About the Book

We came here as to a marketplace
And arrived at different times…
We leave at different times;
But at the end of the day
We all must leave
Whether we sold at a profit or loss

Like the shrub in this volume, the poet watches the “arid arena, where our Aristotles, their pockets yoked to a pillory, bleed for an ebbing world”.
Popular Stand…is the poet’s observatory beaming its light onto a homeland of highly cerebral giants, clement weather, rich vegetation, wondrous birds, aquatic splendour but decimated and ravaged by gossips, myopic leaders, liars, sots and thieves.

Welcome to a metaphoric journey of verses into our country; beautified with grandstanding, oddities, sharp contrasts and tough roads.

Joe Ushie lectures at the University of Uyo, Nigeria. His other poetry volumes include Lambs at the Shrine (Kraft, 1995), Eclipse in Rwanda (Kraft, 1998), Hill Songs (Kraft 2000) and A Reign of Locusts (Kraft, 2004).



The shrub
By the year 2000
Popular stand
To tamuno west
In the farm
The sot
The one-man show
Our hero
The monkey
Song of the bedbug
Aka uke
What do I do?
Song of the bachelor
Mixed grill
A butterfly
A trip home
Bekwang river
The tiger
The scapegoat
Son of the soil
The bed bug
The fauna
Trunk calls
When I think


Early return
The stump
The highway
Awaiting the reaper
Tough roads