Journal Articles

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Literary Chat Forum: After Our Obliterature.

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Ushie J. A.

Phases in Nigerian Poetry in English

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Lexical Innovation in Nigerian Novels: A Critical Discourse Investigation

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Managing Linguistic Taboo in Clark-Bekederemo’s Song of a Goat

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Toward Interventionist Literature in 21st Century United States.

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Tracing Origins through Language: Bette-Bendi and Bantoid.

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A Withering Shield: A Stylistic Study of Select Nigerian Poets.

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Language and Social Status: A Socio-stylistic Study of English in Ogali A. Ogali’s Veronica My Daughter.

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Appositive Relations and Strategic Discourse Functions in Selected Nigerian Novels.

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The Thief and the Medicine Man: Education in the Ruins of Nigeria’s Neo-colonial Economy.

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“Igbo Linguistic Expressions” As Ethnic Identity in Elechi Amadi’s The Concubine

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The Implantation of Western Individualism in the Teaching of Kinship Terms to Nigerian Students.

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The Niger Delta Crisis: Origins and Neo- colonialist Complications.

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Two Africas in One: Neo-colonialism and the African Writer.

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The Challenges of the Creative Writer in the Niger Delta.

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“Still Far from the Renaissance: New Nigerian Poetry as Kaleidoscope.

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Toward a Neo-colonialist, Stylistic Study of Current African Literature.

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Land, Language and African Literature in a Climate of Decay. Currents in African Literature and the English Language

Journal of the Annual International Conference on African Literature and the English Language (ICALEL), Department of English, University of Calabar, Vol ix May 2014. Pages 37 – 56.